Come as you ARE, as you WERE, or as you WANT TO BE.
Wear a tie or fly your freak flag high, Art Party is a place where everyone can belong.

The Art Party X-perience

Art Party has evolved into an immersion of creativity

Art Party X encourages freedom of artistic expression and does not censor it's participating creatives. No Children Allowed without Parental Guidance.


Ticket Prices Increase Every Two weeks

What is Art Party X?

This is not an art show, this is the Art Party, a unique outlandish creative experience. Packed full of epic artistic creations from local and national creatives, plethora of mind-altering journeys, and live music that will make you move attracting 1000s of people from around the globe!

Collect Art, Buy Art. Create Art, Sell Art.

All Mediums Welcome From Body Art to Music to Structures to Robots.

Location is kept secret until you decipher the clues or simply wait until we release the coordinates 24 hours prior to Art Party X It's our homage to the bygone Rave days, and countless nights of our collective youth. First Clue: It's in Pensacola FL

"Art Party is pure passion displayed for all to experience, it's open minded people gathering together for a showcase like I've never seen! You can expect the unexpected & be thrilled when you are apart of it!" Renea Dumas 2014

You could win the offical Art Party X trophy when you come dressed as art! Your only limitation is your imagination!

Apply Here to show off your creations at Art Party X! 

We are grateful for the continued support of our partners. Click here 4 FREE APX passes.

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Spreading The Word!

AHERO connects Veterans through outdoor activities as a means to recover from their physical wounds and psychological trauma to reintegrate with American life. No matter your stance on war, I am sure you all know at least one veteran. Our HEROES deserve a place where they can heal and Art Party with it's huge following intends to spread the wordl