Art Party X

Come as you ARE, as you WERE, or as you WANT TO BE. Wear a tie or fly your freak flag high, Art Party is a place where everyone can belong!

 ARTPARTY X 4 AHERO takes place October 26 in Pensacola. It is a pop up Art Party, attracting thousands of people. It's hip, it's edgy, it's a special treat for our city

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The Art Party X-perience

 The most creative place on the emerald coast, oozing with creation in, out, and intertwined… an experience that will undoubtedly bring you back for more. 

Art Party is... You, I, them, and us. 25,000 square feet of warehouse, 100s of epic creations by our local artists, 1000s of your newest friends dressed as art, and a plethora of mind-altering journeys and performers. 

The location is kept secret. Join the club for location hints. If you're experienced you will likely see the location hidden within our merch and website. It's our homage to the bygone Rave days, and countless nights of our collective youth. 

Make Art Party Yours! Dress the Art and you could win a custom collectors Art Party trophy!

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Calling All Creatives

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Together, raising awareness and preventing Veteran suicide.

AHERO connects Veterans through outdoor activities as a means to recover from their physical wounds and psycholocial trauma to reintegrate with American life. Tax deductible contributions are dedicated to AHERO programming and we operate on a 100% all-volunteer staff.