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Todd Bowman

More Creations by Todd Bowman will be available at Art Party X, happening October 26, 2019

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Todd Bowman

Todd Bowman is a contemporary artist who has lived and worked in Pensacola, Florida since 2013. Born and raised in southwest Louisiana, he moved to San Diego and then Houston where he took advantage of the opportunities and experiences available to him.

Having held a paintbrush in his hand from a very young age, Todd won his first blue ribbon in junior high school at the age of 12 creating a piece of modern sculpture. Participating in some of Houston’s special events and benefits such as Via Colori (for the Hearing Impaired) and BraVisima (Breast Cancer Awareness) was an honor. One of Todd’s most memorable events in Houston was the Bering and James Art Gallery Box Show where he sold his first found objects art piece. This was the actual catalyst that opened up a whole new world of creativity.

Todd uses multiple mediums, but his passion is transforming found objects into unexpected works of art.