Creatives Terms and Conditions

Creatives Terms and Conditions

Art Party X 4 AHERO 2019 
Location: Pensacola, FL - Exact Location Revealed to Accepted/Paid Creatives with signed Non-Disclosure Agreement
Set up Dates: October 19th and 20th, 2019. Event Date: 10/26/19 
Application Deadline: 6/31/19 Midnight CST 

Minimum Images: 4 
Fee (Jury Fee): $0
You can submit up to 2 applications for ArtPartyX.

Event Summary

Celebrating its 13th event, Art Party X is a highly anticipated one night event tailored for art enthusiasts expecting out of the box originality. Typically, 50 to 100 original creatives present their work to more than 2,000 locals and guests from across the nation in Pensacola, FL.

Art Party—which also includes performance creatives and bands is for adults only because many creations are only limited by the creator’s imagination. Art Party X encourages freedom of artistic expression and does not censor it's participating creatives. That said, No Children Allowed without Parental Guidance.
General Information
All mediums welcome

Cash prizes totaling $2,500 will be awarded in these categories. Awards are not given based on medium categories; 2019 winners will be exempt from jurying for the 2020 APX:
Best of Show - Wins APX Trophy + $1000
Evoked Emotions - 1st Place wins APX Trophy + $500; 2nd and 3rd Place wins APX Trophies
Funtionally Funky (Functional Creations) - 1st Place wins APX Trophy + $500; 2nd and 3rd Place wins APX Trophies
Peer Votes - 1st Place wins APX Trophy + $500; 2nd and 3rd Place wins APX Trophies
• Complimentary coffee, fruit, and doughnuts will be available each morning.
• At 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct 27th, following ArtParty X, an informal buffet and awards ceremony will be held for all creatives.

• Submit atleast 4 images of your recent work. Each of the 4 images of your work should feature a single piece of artwork. 
• Exhibiting creatives must be present throughout ArtPartyX to display their own work.
• Creatives must display representative artwork in which they were accepted.
• All creations on display must be the creative's original design. Only prints directly pulled from the original block/plate/screen may be hung. Reproductions of an creative's one-of-a-kind original paintings, pastels, drawings, collage or mixed media may be exhibited subject to the following conditions: All reproductions must be signed and numbered. All reproductions, framed or unframed, must be clearly and individually labeled "REPRODUCTION" OR "LIMITED EDITION REPRODUCTION." Framed reproductions may be hung on one wall of the designated area, not to exceed 10, 15, or 20 linear feet, based on package purchased. All unframed reproductions must be displayed in viewing bins(APX will provide viewing bins for an additional $50). Watercolors, prints, drawings and photographs hung for display must be appropriately framed and glassed (or substitute for glass).
• The work of only one creative may be displayed in each assigned area. Creations may not occupy more than the assigned space. A two-person team producing a product may qualify as a single creative, but this arrangement must be explained in the description space on the application.
• The Art Party X venue is securely locked up prior to and following the Art Party X event. Security problems are rare; however, it is recommended that artists have sufficient insurance to cover the value of their work.
• Each creative space is 10' x 10' with a limited number of 10' x 20' spaces and four 10’ x 15’ spaces. If there is space available to expand without impeding adjacent spaces, creatives must check with the Art Party Chair during set-up October 19th thru October 26th to request expansion. If approved, an additional charge will range from $150-$450, depending on the expanded area.
• Electricity will be provided at creative's spaces. Generators are not allowed. Creatives may demonstrate musical instruments displayed in their area at a sound level that does not impinge on adjacent exhibitor spaces. Demonstrations are permitted only within the boundaries of the creative's area. Amplifiers are not allowed.
• Each creative is responsible for collecting Florida sales tax (7.5%) on all sales.
• No pets are allowed, unless approved by Art Party Chair.

The Selection Process
Art Party X is a juried art event. The Art Party Committee reserves the right to determine "what is art" as it applies to this event and to make final judgment on all rules. Creatives will be notified of their acceptance the week of their submission.
Ineligible Art
Art not eligible in this event include: art supplies; non-custom picture frames; commercial photography; mass-produced jewelry; ram-pressed pottery; T-shirts; art based on embellishing commercially produced items, such as painting, stitchery or appliques on commercially produced garments and decoration on commercially produced furniture; non-original; kit work or typical coastal town creations
Scoring and Judging
APX has adopted a scoring system for judging. Artwork remains in the creative’s area for judging.
The APX committee will use the submitted images for verification at the event. Committee members will circulate during the APX to review artwork within areas. If work shown at the festival is inconsistent with submitted images, the creative(s) will be asked to remove the work(s) and may be banned from future APX participation.

Legal Agreement
This is an indoor event. Art Party X is not responsible for loss or damage to displays or artwork. The APX location is patrolled by APX Staff prior to and after Art Party X through Sunday. All works must be gone no later than Sunday October 27 at 5pm
No refunds of paid creative fees will be given after June 31, 2019.
If a creative’s work is juried into ArtPartyX or is an award winner, it will be displayed at Art Party X, placed on the APX website, and used in other promotional materials for the creative and APX.
You will be charged additional fees if you exceed the area allocated for your space.
All area assignments will be made in the order of the PAYMENT DATE which is time-stamped with the APX website entry form. This will be shared via print and digital among all participating creatives
Set up/Orientation: October 19th, time determined by location (interior, inner perimeter, outer perimeter)
Tear down: October 27, 2019.

By submitting your application, you agree to these terms and conditions