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Art Party XIV

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You've made it this far and you know what that means? 

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Art Party XIV takes place in Pensacola, FL. Location Exact Date To Be Announced.
It is an underground pop-up crazy creative event, attracting thousands of people. 

It's hip, it's edgy, it's a special treat for our city. Partner with Art Party and you will surely gain new & lasting customers  

Check out the details below.    

How Does Partnering Benefit My Business? 

In the past you may have sponsored an event and you were happy with a simple digital shout out. 

Partner with Art Party to get foot traffic directly to your business plus all the traditional advertising you're used to with events.

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our heroes enjoying recreation outdoors.  One fishing and three others sitting on porch at hunting camp.

For The Right Reasons

In addition to showcasing our community's talented creatives and providing Pensacola with the most unexpected and fun event on the coast, 
Art Party will raise awareness to the results that AHERO makes on our community.

AHERO (America's Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors) AHERO brings wounded veterans together to enjoying fishing and other outdoor activities to help heal their hearts and minds through fellowship, memorable
experiences, and relationship building. 
Please join us in our efforts. Let them know that their sacrifices are appreciated, respected and never forgotten.

They truly are America's Heroes. 

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A few definitions

Friday Night Masquerade Exclusive Partners and Creatives  

Immerse yourself in interactive creations that are sure to leave you mind fuct.
Exclusive display of performers and creative masterpieces


Drink yourself to ruin in an open bar throughout the dark hours of the night.
Indulge upon a tasty collection of eats and treats with our floating cafe’ throughout the night. Lose yourself in unspoiled anonymity and explore your deepest, darkest desires. 

Custom Interactive Presence 

This is your opportunity to show your business in a more creative light. The traditional booth at a fun event has proven to run off potential customers. Our way will drive customers to you. We design your "booth" so that our adoring fans will ACTUALLY visit your space. This will be discussed upon your serious interest. 

May I sell the passes that come with my package? 

Well we strongly discourage selling passes. It defeats the purpose of introducing new customers to your business.

In the past you may have sponsored an event and you were happy with a shout out via digital and print. With APX Promotions you get that plus foot traffic. We can't think of a better way to deliver new customers. Just make sure your staff is up to par and have a pleasant experience so they will want to come back for more! That said, if we feel you are not the right fit, we will let you know right away.

When you sign up as a partner we will deliver the designated number of passes, build out digital marketing in conjunction with Art Party, and notify our Art Party members via newsletter and text where to score free passes to Art Party X. 

We are the only event organization that guarantees foot traffic to your business!

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Member Card - Join The Club

Seriously, Join the club to see what you get! When our odoring fans come to your place for free passes, they will flash their digital Art Party membership card. We also encourage our partners to offer at least 15% off for our members following Art Party. It's a great way to see if APX Promotions is working for you.

Partner Events

We will share your events with our adoring fans. List them in your application and we will do the rest!

What is Event Banner Presence?

Partners who sign up 1 year in advance will get their names displayed on the step and repeat banners for those snap and share moments. We will also have a photographer on staff providing killer images for our guests in front of your logo. Twice the share!

APX Promotions is not a non-profit organization. It's an event designed to bring Pensacola something unique and fun, promote artists and performers in our area, raise massive awareness to the possitive impact AHERO makes on our community, and drive more business to our partners. Your partnership spend goes towards material, entertainment, service, and advertising costs. In return, art party drives physical and online customers to your business. Partnering with us sooner than later will increase your customer base. You in?