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Art Party and AHERO Logos together

Creative Artistic Event Like No Other

Bringing Awareness To Organizations That Impact Our Community’s Citizens

This Year Jef Bond’s Annual Art Party is The Driving Force in Bringing Massive Awareness To AHERO

Please join us and help heal our Veterans, hearts and minds through camaraderie, esprit de corps and memorable experiences. Let them know that their sacrifices are appreciated, respected and never forgotten.

They truly are America's Heroes. 

I Hate Joe bumper stickers affixed on women as angel wings while on ride at Art Party

Partnership Marketing Opportunities

Join Pensacola’s EXCLUSIVE Art Party X 4 AHERO partnership program!

As you may know, #ArtPartyX has enjoyed a record breaking run of 13 seasons, with an increase of 25% The Old Marketing techniques are for the past, y’all.
And social media slumps over time. Statistics show that in order to create REAL ENGAGEMENT and lifelong impressions, your TICKET to accessing the millennial dollars isn’t always on-line...

EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING has a proven success rate, with increasingly higher spending, transforming consumers into advocates of YOUR BRAND!

And let’s not forget the snap and share moments for your customers’ followers, too! 

woman with sponsor, goto waiter, logo painted on her back


Art Party passes will be $100 each starting March 1st, 2019. Partners Get Passes for $10 each. $10 x 100 passes = $1000. That’s a 1000% savings.  
Art Party Goers Go to Your Place of Business to Pick Up Complimentary Art Party Passes With a Purchase of Your Product, Service or Just For Asking (we recommend this option for kudos sake).
Packages Not Only Include Passes, But Also Marketing and Unique Exposure Experiences

__ The Flash Mob Partnership $500 (50 Passes)
__ The Street Performer Partnership $1000 (100 Passes)
__ The Tattoo Artist Partnership $2000 (200 Passes)
__ The Graffiti Artist Partnership $5000 (600 Passes)
__ The Image Creator Partnership $10,000 (2000 Passes) 

If you are ready to partner with ArtPartyX4AHERO, Purchase your Package Today!

APX4A Partnership Levels

If Taking Chances Is Not Your Thing, 
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