The Creations of Dagny Taggert

Abstract art by dagny taggert - balloons and a moth

Dagny's Bio

Dagny is a, now Pensacola based, artist that prefers to work with surrealism and symbolism combined. A huge influence is brought to her work by Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and her own father, who absolutely discouraged a career in art due to the struggles he experienced. For more than 20 years Dagny pursued medicine, which, while talented in the field, never really felt the same passion as creating artwork. During this period, her artwork was simply a therapy tool for dealing with her intensely traumatic past. In 2009 Dagny relocated from Chicago to Pensacola. Here she found local artists, such as Rafi Perez, and Jennifer Morgan that encouraged her to tap into her creative potential and share it with others. The strength of her stage fright surprised her. Once she met Jef Bond and the Art Party venue, she felt more secure with presenting her often edgy experimental work. Currently, art is a part of her everyday life and she has never felt more complete. Her parents have finally accepted her shift and have become her biggest fans. Her favorite part of displaying her work is observing emotional reactions from onlookers. Many times her creations are personal challenges to herself to intrigue fellow artists, as opposed to public critics. She mainly works in acrylic and charcoal or spray paint. Now that she has access to a variety of tools in her boyfriend’s, Kevin Marchetti’s, metal shop, her goals have increased to include 3D sculpture with the hopes of a permanent placement in Pensacola in the near future to honor her respect and gratitude for what this town has offered her. She finds her biggest fascination is street art and plans to explore this medium much more in the future. 

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