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Crystal Davis is a local artist born and raised in the Pensacola area. She has an associates in fine art as well as a bachelor's in graphic design management from Pensacola State College. Her art background specializes in photography and graphic design. Using the two together she is beginning to open a new world of compositions. Through the use of compositing photos, textures, and colors together she has started using her design background to create fantastical environments for her photography. 

Crystal's appreciation and love for photography is derived from the classes she had to take for her design degree along the way. She had always been intimidated by photography because she was constantly surrounded by other photographers with more experience. Eventually it just became natural that she let that uneasiness go because she ended up falling in love with photography-even more so than design. She specializes in portraiture but now is trying to make more fine art pieces through the use of compositing. She is also trying to branch out and do more nature photography as well.  

Crystal loves to use vibrant colors in her work and bold color palettes. This stands out not just in her design pieces but in her photography as well. Her inspiration for becoming who she is today as an artist came from her love for fantastical or ethereal subjects. Whenever she would dive into a good fantasy novel, show, or video game she would take away some sort of inspiration. She has always believed that reality is boring in comparison to fantasy-so why not create fantastical art? Her ultimate goal with her work is to allow the viewer to escape reality if even for just a few moments. 

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