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Gelato anyone?

  • September 17, 2019
  • /   Rosie
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Dolce & Gelato:

Mmmmm…Gelato… Enough said, right? Ok, well, if you aren’t convinced to come visit this Downtown Pensacola café yet, here are a few more reasons:

The gelato is hand crafted. Yum!

They always have at least one dairy-free option.

Need a pick me up, or a wind down? They carry coffee and wine too!

They also have a selection of delicious savory food to enjoy before you get to dessert (I mean, if you want to be “responsible” and not have dessert first).

The location is great, and there are many opportunities to enjoy live music in their super funky and fun lounge area. Even if you can’t make it in, Dolce & Gelato offers catering for private parties and events. You want to convince your employees to actually show up to the company meeting?

Dolce & Gelato catering will definitely do a great job of bribing them!

So, when you get that craving for something sweet, give Dolce & Gelato a try. Your taste buds will thank you!

To Get Free tickets from Dolce & Gelato

1. Join the club >

2. Follow the directions in the email you receive

3. Order anything

3. Show Dolce and Gelato your Club Card and score your free art party ticket.  Bring friends to score more!