artist application

Artist Application

Art Party XIV - Alter Ego Coming Soon to Pensacola, FL 

There's a significant population that are eager for its return

Art work by ashley karno
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Welcome Creatives!

This is your opportunity to be seen, appreciated, and show off your passion at 
Art Party XIV - Alter Ego 

Max file size 15mb.
Max file size 15mb.
Max file size 15mb.
Max file size 15mb.
Max file size 15mb.
Max file size 15mb.

Out of the box creatives wanted

Art Party is like no other event and is far from your typical art show. We do things our way for the good of artists who are true to themselves. 

All mediums welcome

Have fun with your submissions. Show us something new or different. The patrons who come to Art Party expect to see your passion and not what you think everyone else will like. The following is just a small list of what makes for a great Art Party experience


Express yourself through your creations. Put your heart and soul into it. Get your frustrations out or let your light shine.

Inappropriate, uncomfortable, and/or controversial 

Does your work evoke feelings of embarrassment, anger, shame, laughter, curiosity, or anything at all? Everyone and everything is welcome at Art Party even if it causes uproar. One year, a church group was on display and their art generated anger. It was a beautiful sight! 

Doesn't appeal to the masses?

Touristy and beachy can overwhelm the local market. Dirty up that palette and bring a palatte cleanser.

Functional yet different 

Machines, gizmos, gadgets, thingamabobs, and doohickeys find a great niche. One Creative made angel wings out of bumper stickers as an advertisement. Another did a QR code body painted model. The limit is your imagination.

Most importantly, submit what makes YOU happy

Art Party is your night to showcase what makes you Creative regardless of the emotion that it took to get you there or what you evoke from others is encouraged  

Make Art Party yours!  

Fees do apply, but they come with great reward. We will display your creations in the best light and load you up with at least ten passes to Art Party to give away to your friends, family, and fans. Art Party brings in an audience of 2000+ people, and you will meet your new adoring fans. The Art Party website will create a page just for you if you don’t already have one. During Art Party, we will feed, respect, and celebrate you. Best of all, you keep 100% of your sales. That’s not all, but you must apply first before we reveal all the secrets. How about this as a teaser? You will get exposure through this website for at least a year following Art Party. If you have questions, just ask. We are happy to help. 

Space in the venue is limited and not all the Creatives who apply may be showcased. We encourage to apply again for a future Art Party. 

Happy Creating!

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