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Station 13 playing music

The title of this article is Station 13

  • This article was posted on Aug 01, 2019
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  • The author of this article is Art Party X

The title of this article is Station 13

The following is the full article details: Station 13 is not just a band, they are a family. Seriously! Two brothers (Brad and Chris Bryan) and a cousin (Bryan Fordham) formed this group out of a genuine love and strong need to play music. In the beginning, the trio weren't looking to start a band. However, their practice space was also a hot-spot for friends and family. While friends may be biased, this family speaks the truth. And the truth is: Station 13 needs to be heard! Wait.I thought you guys were called Facing Shadows? EchoDrive? Where did "Station 13″ come from? Yes, we did go through a few name changes early on. People kept asking what we called ourselves, so we came up with Facing Shadows. No meaning. Just a name. Then we started recording our first EP and realized we wanted a different name. EchoDrive. Boooo. Still, no meaning. Just a name. Finally, after the worst storm of the millennium, a rainbow appeared. Behind the pot of gold hid a little leprechaun. After a bit of a struggle, we fought him off and stole his gold and bought a unicorn. After miles of riding, we came upon an old man and traded the unicorn for magic beans. THEN... Ok see what really happened is we were surfing the Internet and somehow came across where we found out that our hometown of Eastman, GA was once just a lil' ol' Train Stop designated...Station 13. Meaning. More than just a name.


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