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Digital art created by Crystal Davis

The title of this article is Creative Spotlight- Crystal Davis

  • This article was posted on Jul 26, 2019
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  • The author of this article is Jaime LeBlanc

The title of this article is Creative Spotlight- Crystal Davis

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I was taken to another world when I saw Crystal Davis' art for the first time.

Crystal Davis comes from a photography and graphic design background.  Her dedication to her craft is evident in her creations.  She seamlessly blends the two mediums together, creating fantastical pieces that come alive on the canvas in front of you.  

She has a love of fantasy novels, which is where her inspiration comes from.  Each piece is her version of her favorite characters, crafted in her minds eye and translated through a mesmerizing blend of digital media and photography.  Her pieces are whispers from another world, another time.  It's really as if each piece contains an entire story, ready to take you another place if you linger in its gaze.  

You don't want to miss seeing her art in person and meeting her face to face.  Art Party X is taking place at an undisclosed location on October 27th.  Tickets are being sold now and the price increases every week.  Don't delay in securing your tickets today.


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