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The title of this article is When in doubt, chill out

  • This article was posted on Sep 16, 2019
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  • The author of this article is Rosie

The title of this article is When in doubt, chill out

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“Hey doc, I’m having a problem with pain/anxiety/digestion/skin issues…”

                Doc: “ok, here’s a bunch of chemically derived pills. That oughta solve it! Of course, you may have some pretty severe side effects, which could make things even worse than your original issue, but don’t worry! I have some more pills for the side effects! Of course, those have side effects of their own…”

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, it seems like almost everyone has a story like this in this new age of Big Pharma. Yes, prescription drugs can be helpful for many people. But what if those prescriptions don’t work, or cause so many side effects that you’re worse off than before? Or maybe you have multiple problems, and would rather take one, natural, effective treatment for everything instead of 10 different prescriptions just to feel “normal”. If you are looking for that miracle solution, CBD oil is the right treatment for you. It can help with just about anything that ails you, from mental health issues, to skin problems, to muscular aches and cramps. I don’t even have time to list everything it can help you with, it’s that good (visit for a more comprehensive list).

So why Cannaliving, and not some sort of discount CBD distributor? Well, while discount suppliers may have CBD oil available, those oils can be of a lower quality, and chock full of all sorts of fillers. With Helpworx products from Cannaliving, you will always get the highest quality CBD, in an ultrapure form. Ingredients list for the tincture, for example: Pressed hemp (seed) oil, CBD rich whole hemp extract. That’s it!

Hempworx  from Cannaliving even has products for your pooch! Take it from this doggy parent of 4: Dogs absolutely love the CBD treats, and they effectively and naturally treat pain and anxiety, even storm anxiety!

You want the best treatment products for yourself and your family, including your fur family, and Cannaliving gives them to you, without the use of chemicals. It sounds too good to be true, but just try the products and see for yourself. Cannaliving is making new believers every day! reach out to Crystal Silins on Facebook at Cannaliving with Crystal,, or call 850-919-4CBD!

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